Apple Blackberry Crisp

I am still in Jamaica (today is our last day!), so my good friend Crissy from Begin Within Nutrition has stopped by to share a delicious treat!! Crissy and I were “real life” :) friends before our blogs, when we both lived in Jacksonville Florida.  She is truly one of my favorite people.  I wish we lived closer! Her website is full of delicious and healthy recipes to make you feel and look your best.  She is a registered dietitian, so she knows what she is talking about! Please check out her social media links in the author box below her post, and be sure to check out her gorgeous blog! Thanks so much Crissy!

apple blackberry crisp 1If you ever find yourself on Cape Cod in August, make sure to wander down an old dirt road.  It is guaranteed you will find ripe blackberries dripping off the vines!  Our road is brimming with the plump little berries, just the perfect thing for a sweet summer cobbler!

apple blackberry crisp 2 apple blackberry crisp 3Similar to grapes, the deep purple color of blackberries ensures a high level of antioxidants.  The powerful phytonutrient found in blackberries is called anthocyanins, which is responsible for increased heart health and improved memory!… 

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Sweet and Sour Chicken! This was my favorite meal growing up!

Sweet and Sour Chicken

I'm off on my honeymoon but asked some of my very favorite bloggers to keep you company while I'm gone! (Be sure to check out these triple chocolate brownies from Erren's Kitchen from Monday!) Today I asked my mom, Susie Gall, to cook for you!! I grew up with her cooking, and its the best on the … [Read More...]

Triple Chocolate Mini Brownies, YUM! Guest post from Erren's Kitchen on The Cookie Rookie

Triple Chocolate Mini Brownies

I'm off on my honeymoon and am SO lucky to have some incredible blogger friends stopping by to guest post! First up is Erren from Erren's Kitchen.  One of my very favorite new food blogs.  Please check out her blog as well as all of her social media pages (in the contributor box under the post). … [Read More...]

caramel mocha pop 77

Caramel Mocha Pops

Easy Caramel Mocha Pops are made with iced coffee! The perfect dessert (or breakfast?!) treat!You guys, I'm a stressball. We are supposed to leave for Jamaica in the morning...and apparently there's a tropical depression that wants to join us! (We knew we were running a risk heading to the … [Read More...]

Food Truck Friday - Tower Grove Park, St. Louis MO

Food Truck Friday – Tower Grove Park, Saint Louis MO

There are two more chances to attend Food Truck Friday in Tower Grove Park this season!! Don't miss out! As you guys probably know, because I can't quit talking or thinking about it, Pat and I leave on our 1 year Anniversary Honeymoon to Jamaica this weekend!! I've been running around with my head … [Read More...]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Power Smoothie made with avocado! Great breakfast smoothie! - The Cookie Rookie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Power Smoothie

This post brought to you by CocoaVia®. All opinions are 100% mine. Delicious and easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Power Smoothie made with Avocado! Healthy never tasted so good! I've only made smoothies a couple of times.  Every time I do, I ask myself why I don't make them more often! What's … [Read More...]

Watermelon White Wine Spritzer, fresh, delicious, easy, and fun! The Cookie Rookie

Watermelon White Wine Spritzer

This easy White Wine Spritzer made with pureed watermelon is a simple, fun, and delicious cocktail! I'm stuck in between seasons! Half of me is still living in the sweltering heat, not wanting to let go of fresh summer flavors and spending our nights grilling, and the other half of me is already … [Read More...]