Hot Bacon Feta Dip

Hot Bacon Feta Dip is a favorite appetizer for game day! Easy, quick, and delicious. 

Hot Bacon Feta Dip! This is my favorite easy gameday appetizer.  YUM! I’m not sure if you guys heard.  I’ve only been talking about it in every post.  THE ROYALS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES.  The last time the Royals were in the World Series…I was THREE.  So much has happened in the last 29 years.  The Royals being in the WS (or even the playoffs) was not something that happened.  Its so new to me.  So fun.  So exciting.  Bring me all of the amazing game day food, because they start tomorrow night.  This is major.

Hot Bacon Feta Dip! This is my favorite easy gameday appetizer. YUM! Hot Bacon Feta Dip! This is my favorite easy gameday appetizer. YUM!I don’t know how the Cardinals fans do this every year.  This is stressful.  I’ve been staying up late, blood pressure has been high, stress level off the charts.  All over Royals baseball.  I love it so much.  Add good food into the mix and I’m in heaven.  This Hot Bacon Feta Dip is the perfect compliment to any sports game.  Its easy and quick, and full of cheese.  Those are my gameday appetizer requirements…. 

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